Stop-out insurance

    Do you want to protect yourself from stop-out and complete deposit loss? FreshForex to the rescue!

    With Stop-out insurance you don’t have to worry about bad trading decisions anymore: in case of losses FreshForex will return 50% insured funds! This “financial cushion” gives you a chance to continue trading and recoup lost money.

    FreshForex offers the unique insurance terms:

    50% return
    of deposit amount

    number of payouts
    is not limited

    one-time payout
    is up to $2500

    each deposit
    is accounted

    How to reliably protect deposit?

    Open account and verify personal data

    Enable Stop-out insurance for trading account

    Deposit total amount of 500usd or more

    Full terms:

    1. The promotion is valid from 08 July 2019 to 31 May 2020.
    2. The promotion can be enabled for Classic MT4, Classic MT5 and Market Pro MT4 accounts that are not connected to any other promotions.
    3. To activate the promotion it is required to:
      1. Verify personal data.
      2. Activate promotion on trading account in the Client Area.
    4. Insurance event occurs when position(s) is closed by stop-out and there’s no more open positions on trading account.
    5. Insurance payout is credited to the “Credit” field, these funds can be fully used for trading but are not available for withdrawal and transfer to another account. Only one active insurance payout may be on trading account at a time.
    6. Insurance payout is 50% of balance operations on trading account (deposit minus withdrawal) in period between the last insurance payout (or for the moment of promotion activation) and the occurrence of insurance event (stop-out).
      1. Minimum amount of balance operations to get insurance payout — 500 USD / 500 EUR / 35’000 RUB.
      2. Only deposits made within promotion period from external sources (payment systems) are taken into consideration.
      3. Any withdrawal requests and transfers to other accounts are taken into consideration.
    7. Number of insurance payouts is not limited. Maximum amount of one-time payout —2’500 USD / 2’500 EUR / 165’000 RUB.
    8. Insurance payout is fully deducted from “Credit” field of trading account in the following cases:
      1. In 3 working days later after insurance payout is credited. If there is profit on trading account, it remains in “Balance” field.
      2. If the amount of fixed and floating profit exceeds the amount of insurance payout from the moment it is credited.
      3. If the amount of funds on trading account is less than 5 USD and there are no open transactions;
      4. If there are withdrawal requests, including requests of funds transfer to another account.
    9. For example:
      Formula for calculating the insurance payout amount: 50% deposits amount (from external sources) — total amount of withdrawals and transfers from trading account.
      Calculation period: in between the last insurance payout (or for the moment of promotion activation) and the occurrence of insurance event.
      For example, in period after promotion activation but before occurrence of insurance event the following balance operations were on the client’s account: deposits with $1000, $250 and $50, withdrawal of $500 and transfer of $300 to another account. The total amount of balance operations at the moment of insurance event was $500 ($1000 + $250 + $50 – $500 – $300). In this case insurance payout will be $250.
      Further trading is financed from the insurance payout funds. If the profit per closed trades on account is $150 and floating profit per open trades is $15, and on the third day the insurance payout amount is deducted from trading account in accordance with a clause №.8.1 of the Promotion Terms, then the profit stays on “Balance” field and open trade stays in market.
      Trading accounts continues to participate in the promotion, the next insurance payout will be available after fulfilling the promotion terms.

    10. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally:
      1. Do not credit insurance payout and deactivate promotion if terms and conditions of the promotion are violated by the Client.
      2. Change promotion terms and promotion period.
    11. By enabling this promotion and receiving insurance payout the Client confirms that he/she read and fully agreed to the terms of the promotion and will not send any claims to the Company regarding terms of bonus use or measures undertaken by the Company in accordance with these terms.

    Minimize your losses with FreshForex!


    The promotion is valid: 08.07.2019 — 15.02.2021